"The Mysterious Universe" documentary script

(1987). "The Mysterious Universe" documentary script

A documentary of some of the controversial issues in modern astronomy and cosmology.

From the Conclusion (pp. 55–56): 

“So the simple observation that there is an isotropic background radiation with a black body spectrum does not mean the big bang theory is true. There are other theories that can or could account for it. Perhaps the correct theory is one not even thought of yet.

“Therefore we should be cautious in accepting the big bang model as the final word on cosmology. Geoffrey Burbidge, after studying all available evidence supporting an expanding universe, gives this warning. He wrote: ‘I believe that if one attempts to evaluate this evidence objectively there is still no really conclusive evidence in favour of such a universe.’

"Burbrige also says: ‘Was there really a big bang? I believe that the answer clearly must be that we do not know, and that if we are ever to find an answer much more effort must be devoted to cosmological tests, with a much more openminded approach, and that much more original thinking must be done to attempt to explain the large amount of observational material, and not only that material that can be sued in a narrow sense to fit preconceived ideas.’”