(1997). "Proposal for Rotating Planets Above the Deity"

(1997). "Proposal for Rotating Planets Above the Deity" for the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium

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Thompson, Richard (Sadaputa dasa). "Proposal for Rotating Planets Above the Deity." Alachua, FL: 1997.


There has been some controversy regarding the plan to build a model of the planets orbiting above the Deities in the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium. This proposal is intended to resolve the difficulties in this plan and provide a satisfactory solution. The main difficulty in building a model of the orbiting planets is that planetary motions are complex, and to design reliable machinery that models these motions is a difficult engineering task. There are three types of motion involved, and therefore some motions have been omitted. I propose that we [focus on] . . . the uniform cirucular motion of the sky, including all stars and planets, around Dhruvaloka. This is simple to model, and it shows that all the planets rotate around Krishna, represented here by the local  Vaikuntha planet of Dhruvaloka. This is also the daily motion around Mount Meru, since Mount Meru and Dhruvaloka define the cosmic axis. . . .