(1986). "A Trans-temporal Approach to the Laws of Physics," La Jolla Institute: Division of Applied Nonlinear Problems

(1986). "A Trans-temporal Approach to the Laws of Physics"

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Thompson, Richard L., "A Trans-temporal Approach to the Laws of Physics,"  La Jolla, CA: La Jolla Institute, c.1986.  


We present a basic formulation of classical and quantum mechanics in which these two theories take on a similar form. In this formulation, classical mechanics becomes a non-deterministic theory, and quantum mechanics becomes capable of modeling the observable physical world as an objective reality. We use findings from the study of deterministic chaos to illustrate the extreme indeterminism that this formulation of classical mechanics entails for some systems, and we also show how the quantum theory displays corresponding indeterminism when applied to these systems.

Statistical laws are introduced in a uniform way into both the classical and the quantum mechanical models. We show that by making simple modifications of these laws, it is possible for both models to predict teleological phenomena of the kind observed in some parapsychological studies. We also show that both models entail non-local phenomena similar to the EPR effect, and we show that the models are consistent with the special theory of relativity.

An alternate copy that likely represents an earlier draft is titled, "A Path-integral Approach to the Quantum Mechanical Measurement Problem." It has a slightly different abstract.

The two images of a letter from Brian Josephson offering critique appear to refer to an earlier draft, suggesting Thompson had discussed submitting for publication in a professional journal.