(1977). <I>What is Matter and What is Life</i>?, Bhaktivedanta Institute Monograph Series Number 1

(1977). What is Matter and What is Life?

Bhaktivedanta Institute Monograph Series No. 1

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Thompson, Richard L., Ph.D. and Singh, Thoudam D., Ph.D. What is Matter and What is Life, Monograph Series Number 1. Boston, MA: Bhaktivedanta Institute, 1977.


What is matter and what is life? What are their origins? Although these questions have been pondered time and again by many eminent thinkers in both the scientific and philosophical worlds, they have never been answered to everyone's satisfaction, and in spite of such great intellectual endeavor, they still remain quite controversial. Over the past two centuries, the ever increasing success scientists have experienced in their investigation of gross matter has led many people to expect that life will eventually be explained solely as a phenomenon of matter . . . This reductionistic approach, however, has only indicated that the known physical laws of the present day are quite insufficient to account for the features of life. A new paradigm describing life and the laws of nature is needed. We will, therefore, propose an alternative scientific viewpoint (hypothesis). We do not intend to prove anything rigorously in this paper; rather, we will discuss the implication of this alternative viewpoint from a general perspective.

Note: These volumes were recently published in a compilation edition titled, The Bhaktivedanta Institute Monograph Series.