Vedic Science & Cultural Museum (WDC) Executive Summary

(1992). Vedic Science & Cultural Museum Executive Summary

"A summary version of a more thorough report which runs over a hundred pages."

-- Excerpt -- 

The establishment of a Vedic Science and Cutural Center ... will establish the Vedic principles of life using scholarly methodology as applied to both modern empirical evidence and Vedic knowledge. It will scientifically educate its visitors in the Vedic world view that the universe is a life-based heirarchical system originating from the Supreme Living Being, identified in the Vedas as Lord Sri Krishna. It will show that man's desingy is best fulfilled by the cultivation of a cooperative spirit with hisenvironment and those that control it.

In developing this report ... the following working MIssion Statement has been developed: "The Vedic Science and Cutlural Center will promote public awareness and understanding of the Vedic view of the universe as a life-based heirarchal system. The Center will show how the Vedic world view is scientific, non-sectarian and essential to human life."

The overall target audience ishte public in general, with public exhhibits aimed at educated adults, high school and college students, as well as Asian Indians. In addition, a fully fledged research division will specifically target the scientific and academic community.