(1996). "Vedic Planetarium Project in Alachua" Florida proposal

(1996). "Vedic Planetarium Project in Alachua" Florida proposal


I. Purpose:

(1) To educated people about the world view of the Bhagavatam and to provide a financially self-sustaining preaching program for the Alachua devotee community.

(2) To provide funding for ongoing research, development, and production for further exhibits.

(3) To provide funding for the New Raman Reti temple.

(4) Ultimate goal: to promote and develop the Vedic Planetarium in Mayapura.

II. Facilities. A building containing:

(1) Outer space ride. This is a programmable moving platform with about 24 seats and a large video screen. It is set up to look like the inside of a Vedic vimana, and it is used to take people on rides through the universe.

(2) Dome for planetarium shows. A small planetarium dome is used for multimedia shows explaining different aspects of ancient Indian astronomy and cosmology. These shows can also be marketed to the over 1400 planetariums in the U.S.A. and the over 1100 planetariums in other countries.

(3) Exhibit area. Many small, educational exhibits are located in the waiting area for the ride and the planetarium shows. These utilize video kiosks, wall displays, physical models, and interactive computer displays.

(4) Restaurant and gift shop (under separate management). . . .