"World Views: Vedic vs. Western"

BTG Issue: 
January/February 1993 | Vol. 27 No. 1
"One of the key stratagems of the early [European] Indologists was to use science as a weapon to show the absurdity of Vedic scriptures."

"Indologists have tried hard to show that Indian astronomy consists of unscientific ideas originating in India, and misrepresenting scientific ideas borrowed from the Greeks and the Babylonians. We can argue that this is not correct, but much research is needed. A beginning has been made with the publication of our book Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy. As it turned out, the strategy of using science to discredit the Vedic scriptures backfired. Science was also used to discredit Christianity. As a result, many of today's Indologists tend to take a secular stance, and reject the Vedic literature as false, not because it disagrees with Christianity, but because it disagrees with fundamental tenets of modern science. ... Careful research, however, can reveal evidence contrary to the accepted scientific view and in agreement with the Vedic picture."

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