"The Miracle of the Milk"

BTG Issue: 
March/April 1996 | Vol. 30 No 2
"Many scientists will conclude that large numbers of witnesses are lying rather than accept that a major violation of the laws of physics has taken place."

"On September 21, 1995, Hindu communities all over the world were electrified by news of temple deities accepting offerings of milk, According to the stories, when deities of Ganesa, Lord Siva, and others were offered spoonfuls of milk, the milk would mysteriously disappear. It seemed the the deities were showing their diving power by mystically drinking the milk. ...

"Inevitably, there were skeptical rebuttals. ... What is the truth? It is hard to say from few second-hand reports what really happened ... but it is clear that as a social phenomenon the miracle of the milk is significant. Miracles and rumors of miracles clearly have a profound impact on human thinking. To make a few general observations about miracles, therefore, seems worthwhile. ... A miracle, in modern scientific terms, is something that is impossible because it violates the laws of physics. ... For [many] scientists, miracles are ruled out. For others, the laws of physics are not sacrosanct. and the combined testimony of many responsible observers is enough to suggest that we still have much to learn about nature's laws."

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