"On God and Science"

BTG Issue: 
November/December 1992 | Vol. 26 No. 6
"It would seem that [scientists like] O'Keefe, Gingerich, and Dyson are advancing religious ideas that are ... unacceptable because they propose an extra-scientific story for events that fall in the chosen domain of science: the domain of all real phenomena."

"The question of whether or not science and religion are compatible frequently comes up ... [and] it is a question to which people are prone to give muddled answers. Definitions of God and God's modes of action in the world seem highly elastic, and the desire to combine scientific theories with religious doctrines has impelled sophisticated people to stretch both to the limit. In the end, something has to give. To help us locate the snapping point, let's look at what a few scientists have said about God. ... So is the science of Darwinism fully compatible with conventional religious beliefs? That depends on one's conventions. If by God you mean a real spiritual being who controls natural phenomena, even to a slight degree, then Darwinism utterly rejects your idea – not because science empirically disproves it, but because the idea goes against the fundamental scientific program of explaining all phenomena through the laws of physics."

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