"Does God Go Against The Laws of Nature?"

BTG Issue: 
July/August 1993 | Vol. 27 No. 4
"What if the scriptures really do make statements contrary to modern science? How far can you go in scriptural reinterpretation and reformulation?"

"Ernst McMullin, a physicist, philosopher, and Catholic priest in the Department of Philosophy at Notre Dame University, has given careful thought to the relationship between religion and modern science. ... McMullin presents an alternative scenario in which creation is seen as a process of evolution proceeding according to natural laws. He bases this scenario on ideas expressed by the early church father Augustine. ... Since God is omniscient and omnipresent, He can create laws that bring about the gradual manifestation of all created forms in the universe, including human beings. These gradual evolutionary developments are simply the unfolding of God's original plan, and they do not require any further 'divine intervention' that would violate God's natural laws. Thus McMullin is able to formulate an idea of evolutionary creation that agrees fully with modern science and 'complements Christian belief.' Can McMullin's approach be applied to reconcile the Bhagavad-gita with modern science? ... Let us see if the Bhagavad-gita supports this idea."

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