"A Dialogue on 'The Ghost in the Machine'"

BTG Issue: 
September 1981 | Vol. 16 No. 9
"Is the existence of the soul merely a myth propagated by fuzzy-minded fanatics—or a fact verifiable by a non mechanistic science?"

"Mechanistic scientists scoff at the idea that a transcendental entity – the self, or soul – could be the source of life and consciousness. 'The ghost in the machine' is a favorite epithet they use to turn thumbs down on the idea of the soul and attempt to dismiss it from serious consideration. What follows is an excerpt from Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science, a forthcoming book that explores in depth the question of the origin and nature of life and consciousness. Dr. Avaroha expresses the views of the author; Drs. Kutark and Shunya are composite characters who express views widely held by members of the modern scientific community."

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