"Cross-Cultural Traces of Vedic Civilization"

BTG Issue: 
May/June 1991 | Vol. 25, No. 3
Sadaputa examines "examples concerning time and human longevity that appear repeatedly in different traditions" and then discusses "questions about what they imply and how they should be interpreted."

"Educated people of today tend to immediately dismiss [ancient] systems of thought as mythology, pointing to their diversity and their strange ideas as proof that they are all simply products of the imagination. If we do this, however, we may be overlooking important information that could shed light on the vast forgotten period that precedes the brief span of recorded human history. There is certainly much evidence of independent story telling in the traditions of various cultures, but there are also many common themes. Some of these themes are found in highly developed form in the Vedic literature. Their presence in cultures throughout the world is consistent with the idea that in the distant past, Vedic culture exerted worldwide influence."

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