"Collapsing the Cosmic Hierarchy"

BTG Issue: 
November/December 1991 | Vol. 25 No. 6
"Even though there are many schools of thought in ancient Indian tradition, certain standard features are common to all of them."

"In the latest theories of physics, all the matter and energy of the universe are thought to be generated by a single, unified entity called quantum field. In Vedic science, both material phenomena and our consciousness of these phenomena are said to flow from a unified source of absolute, unbounded consciousness. By equating the unified quantum field with this unbounded consciousness, [physicist Dr. John] Hagelin reconciles modern science and ancient Vedic wisdom. Thus he provides an ultimate, unified explanation for both subjective and objective aspects of reality. It sounds good – but unfortunately it's bogus. ... Hegelin's theory requires the wholesale elimination of many ... important features" standard to ancient Indian tradition.

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