(1995). Summary of Anomalous Evidence Related to Human Antiquity</i>

(1995). Summary of Anomalous Evidence Related to Human Antiquity

excerpted from Forbidden Archeology

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Cremo, Michael A., and Richard L. Thompson. "Summary of Anomalous Evidence Related to Human Antiquity: excerpted from Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race." Badger, CA: Govardhan Hill Publishing, 1995.


"We have extracted from the unabridged edition of Forbidden Archeology a table that lists all of the discoveries discussed in the book. You will find in this informative table the names of the sites, the objects found, references to published reports about them, and a guide to where they are discussed in Forbidden Archeology. 

"As you examine this table you will learn just how much archeological evidence, much of it once seriously considered, is now ignored. To find out more about the history of these intriguing cases, we invite you to obtain your own copy of Forbidden Archeology."

Signed by: "The publishers"

Circa 1997 Thompson produced a lengthy museum exhibit proposal for the Mayapura "Prabhupada Avenue Museum Complex" project, that utilized themes explored in Forbidden Archeology while proposing alternative scenarios drawn from Puranic sources. Please click here to view.