(1985). "Relationship between Consciousness and Matter," Presentation to scientists at Eindhoven, Holland

(1985). "Relationship between Consciousness and Matter"

Presentation to scientists at Eindhoven University of Technology, 29 August 1985


In a talk given at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Thompson discusses accounting for consciousness within the framework of a mechanistic paradigm. After considering the solutions offered by Walter Elsasser, Eugene Wigner, and David Bohm, Thompson introduces the concept from the Vedic tradition of jiva and Paramatma, as part of an explanatory framework. A lively Question & Answer session explores some of the insights that can be gained from this approach.

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Additional Notes: 

In his In Memorium essay, "Remembering Sadaputa Prabhu," Dhanavir Goswami offered the following recollection: "Once in 1984, we invited Sadaputa Prabhu to speak at the prestigious Eindhoven University in the Netherlands (home to many Phillips Corporation scientists). The topic of the lecture was 'Consciousness,' and the audience was made up entirely of science professors, including the chancellor of the university, a reputed scientist himself. Sadaputa Prabhu used a slide show demonstration and explained each slide thoroughly. He presented a convincing argument in favor of consciousness being a component of a living being rather than an outcome of material interactions."