(1977). Life Comes from Life: First International Scientific Conference - Announcement & Schedule

(1977). Life Comes from Life: First International Scientific Conference

Sponsored by Bhaktivedanta Institute, Vrindaban, Mathura | October 14–16, 1977


A brief outline of the conference: 

The study of life and its origin forms the most fundamental basis of all knowledge. The currently dominant scientific theory claims that life is a coordinated chemical reaction and originated from a "primordial chemical broth" under the influence of chance and blind natural laws. Based on this assumption, there have been many false reports of the chemical origin of life from scientists around the world, for example, Fox in the U.S.A., Crick in the United Kingdom, Oparin in the USSR and Krishna Bahadur in India.

The main emphasis of the conference will be focussed on the fact that the above theory is scientifically unfounded and philosophically unsound. A new scientific paradigm is clearly needed to understand life, its value, meaning and purpose.

The scientists of Bhaktivedanta Institute, the academic division of the world-famous International Society for Krishna Consciousness, propose that life is non-physical and non-chemical. It possesses the quality of consciousness, and obeys higher order, non-physical natural laws. It also originates from a supremely conscious Being, Supreme Life or God. Such an understanding is based on the description of the atomic living entity, atma, and its relationship with paramatma, Supreme Life, given in Bhagavad-gita.

The argument will be presented in the light of currently available data of physical, chemical, and biological sciences.

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