(1987). "Microcomputer modeling of biological systems." <i>The World & I</i> (July 1987), 162-173.

(1987). "Microcomputer modeling of biological systems." The World & I (July 1987), 162-173.

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Goel, Narendra S., and Richard Thompson. “Microcomputer Modeling of Biological Systems.” The World & I (July, 1987), 162–173.


"Natural Science at the Edge": A new class of computer models mimics the behavior of bacterial viruses and promises to give scientists an important tool for understanding life processes.


The magazine aims toward a popular educational audience. Their website describes itself as "an interdisciplinary resource that encompasses a broad range of articles by scholars and experts in their fields. Articles are aligned to each state’s standards for Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science." In the past, various editions were geared for "colleges and public libraries," "junior and high schools," "elementary and middle schools," along with "the general public," with this essay initially included in the general public edition.

The following link directs to the Table of Contents for the July 1997 Issue: bit.ly/2wWg1hD. Please see the section "Natural Science: At the Edge" for essay title.

The article described Thompson's professional affiliation as:
"Richard L. Thompson is a staff scientist at the La Jolla Institute."

Also noted: "This article is based on their monograph Computer Simulation of Self-organization in Biological Systems, soon to be published by Croom-Helms, Kent, England."