God and the Laws of Physics

SESSION 2: Radhadesh, Belgium - 1988 / (202)

Prominent features of the apparent conflict between science and religion stem from the idea that nature exclusively follows physical laws, a conviction established in Western thought during the late 17th century. Subsequent Newtonian concepts of determinism supported deistic notions, and perhaps even the notion that “God is dead” (or at the least exceedingly dormant) in relation to the physical world. Later, during the 19th century, Darwinian theory established similar views within biological studies. Recently, potential opportunities for empirical analyses reconnecting matter and spirit have emerged with the advent of quantum mechanics. With such thoughts in mind, Thompson compares an appreciation of quantum field theory from modern physic, with the idea of shabda (organized vibrational patterns) described in the Vedic tradition. He also considers how paramatma, or Supersoul, could conceivably manipulate the material energy through deterministic chaos without contradicting the laws of classical physics.