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Yugas; Lee Interview

To help illustrate the Vedic yuga system of cosmological time undergoing endless cycles of generation, growth, decay, destruction, and rebirth, Thompson discusses a variety of cultural references with radio show host, Laura Lee, ranging from the Hollywood motion picture trilogy, The Matrix, to the Old Norse account of the “Twilight of the Gods.”

Puranic Cosmos and Modern Astronomy 2; Lee Interview

Thompson discusses Puranic astronomy with radio show host, Laura Lee, by initially comparing the “rings” of Bhu-mandala with modern mathematical calculations of the planetary orbits. This leads to a technical discourse on ancient measurement systems that suggest a sophisticated appreciation of the geometry of planetary motion. Thompson describes how Puranic accounts offer a comparative analysis of Kepler’s elliptical orbits, since refined with telescopic data.

Maya: The World as Virtual Reality; Hieronimus Interview

In his interview with radio show host Bob Hieronimus, Thompson explains the central thesis of his recent publication, Maya: The World as Virtual Reality (2003). In this work, Thompson compares the concept of virtual reality popularized by the American philosopher and computer scientist, Jaron Lanier, with the Vedic conception of maya describing conscious experience enmeshed within an illusory world.

Mysteries of the Sacred Universe 2; Hieronimus Interview

In this second part of the Mysteries of the Sacred Universe (2000) interview, Thompson and radio show host Bob Hieronimus discuss the works of various authors such as the historian and philosopher of science from MIT, Giorgio de Santilana, who published Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay on Myth and the Frame of Time (1969); the controversial geometrical evaluations of the Egyptian pyramids proposed by Livio Stecchini and René Schwaller de Lubicz; the Soviet-born American author Zacharia Sitchin’s speculative analyses about ancient astronauts; as well as

Mysteries of the Sacred Universe 1; Hieronimus Interview

Thompson discusses his book, Mysteries of the Sacred Universe (2000), with radio show host Bob Hieronimus, who is intrigued by Thompson’s portrayal of Bhaktivedanta Swami’s translation of the Fifth Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Thompson explores the intellectual foundation of Bhu-mandala described in the Bhagavatam, and proposes that it incorporates accurate mathematical representations of the observable solar system.

Alien Identities; Hieronimus Interview

Thompson and radio show host Bob Hieronimus discuss the favorable response to Thompson’s book, Alien Identities (1993), for its honest appraisal of a sweeping array of contemporary and traditional accounts of ufology phenomena. Thompson proposes that the word “bizarre” is a relative cultural term, and then suggests that allowing intellectual inquiry to expand beyond the restrictions of material reductionism can help facilitate productive analyses of a plethora of incidents described throughout the centuries by a variety of civilizations.

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