"Was There an Eve?"

BTG Issue: 
September/October 1992 | Vol. 26 No. 5
"The theory of evolution says that species have emerged by mutation and natural selection, with no intelligent guidance. But the Bhagavatam maintains that the entire process of generating species is planned in detail by God."

"In a 1987 article in the prestigious journal Nature, three biochemists published a study of mitochondrial DNA's from 147 people living on five continents. The biochemists stated, "All these mitochondrial DNA's stamp from one woman who is postulated to have lived about 2000,000 years ago, probably in Africa. ... [Yet] in 1992 the geneticist Alan Templeton of Washington University stated in the journal Science, "The inference that the tree of humankind is rooted in Africa is not supported by the data." It seems that the African Eve theory evolved from errors in computer analysis. ... According to the Srimad-Bhagavatam, living beings have descended, with modification, from an original created being. All species, therefore, are linked by a family tree of ancestors and descendants. ... So the theory given in the Bhagavatam accounts for the likenesses and differences between species in a way comparable to that of the theory of evolution. But these two theories are not the same."

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