"Amazing Stories: Past and Present" (SB 3.20.51)

San Diego – May 20, 1992 / (942)

The Srimad-Bhagavatam is filled with fantastic stories, including a description of a human dynasty descending from the Sun. Thompson counters that issues identified with contemporary science can frequently sound nearly as fantastic – especially if taken out of context. He offers examples along the lines of: 1) the universe initially began at a point smaller than an atom, and then in a fraction of a second expanded exponentially to many light years in size; 2) millions of years ago a part of Australia split off and travelled the breadth of the Pacific Ocean, subsequently colliding with Alaska; 3) billions of atoms amalgamating over time formed Tyrannosaurus rex, a 30 feet tall monster with 6-inch teeth; and that 4) there is little more to human experience than could be accounted for in the life of a complex simian. Perhaps there is no one tradition that can make an absolute claim on the fantastic?